Colorado Association of Reproductive Technologists

About CART

Colorado Association of Reproductive Technologists (CART) was founded in 2014 by a group of clinical embryologists who realized a need for a communication platform among reproductive technologists within Colorado. Our beautiful state is home to several IVF programs, each with a unique character and operation philosophy. Therefore, a diverse group of embryologists and andrologists reside in relatively close proximity, but without an effective means to communicate, share experiences and learn from one another.

The primary mission  of CART is thus to facilitate communication, networking opportunities, sharing of experiences and learning opportunities for clinical reproductive technologists in Colorado.

CART is here to serve it's members and our hope is that it will grow and evolve with the needs of assisted reproduction technologists.

Our Board:

President - Lauren Smith


   Vice President - Evelyn Llerena Cari

Shady Grove Fertility/CU Fertility Preservation


Treasurer - David Russell

Shady Grove Fertility

Secretary - Tammy Titus

CNY Colorado

Tech Coordinator - Matt Wilson

Denver Fertility

Mission Statement

To facilitate communication between reproductive technologists, to offer a forum for scientists associated with reproductive biology for exchange of ideas, concerns and experiences, and to organize educational events for reproductive technologists as well as other professionals involved with assisted reproduction.

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